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Employment contracts and the ‘3Cs’ – pt.3 | Commerciality – avoiding unnecessary costs

Published On: May 25th, 2023By

This is the second part of what ‘commerciality’ means for your employment contracts. You don’t need to include these provisions, but in doing so you’re giving yourself the potential opportunity to avoid unnecessary costs for your business.

Here are my top three ‘quick wins’ to help save some cash within your contracts:

Holidays departing employees often lose their ‘mojo’ during their notice period – it’s human nature. By requiring them to take accrued unused holiday during their notice period, you save on paying them a lump sum in lieu of untaken holiday when they leave.

PILON – payment in lieu of notice clauses are important, but costly. You’re paying a lump sum for someone to avoid working for you! How can you minimise the cost of PILONs? You can stagger payments and require departing employees to start their job search immediately, and then to tell you when they’ve found a new job. If you add in that they must start their new job as soon as an offer is received, you can potentially end notice pay at that point (provided you’ve paid at least the statutory minimum).

Probationary periods – save unnecessary admin and cost by commencing pension contributions once the employee has successfully completed the first three months of employment. You can also limit notice periods during probation – that way, if you feel that the individual doesn’t have the skills for the role, or simply just doesn’t ‘get it’, you can limit notice costs during this period.

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