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Employment contract

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We use a ‘3C’ approach to our reviews considering the ‘compliance, commerciality and contemporary tone’ of your employment contract, handbook and people policies. Our ‘red, amber, green’ colour coded report highlights:

  • Gaps in compliance exposing you to unnecessary legal risks and associated costs
  • Commercial opportunities you could be missing to protect the pounds and your key business interests
  • How you can create a more contemporary, engaging and inclusive tone throughout…goodbye legal jargon!

You can then take our recommendations and action them yourself, or we can support you to redraft your employment documents.


We can support you to convert our recommendations into reality. We’re able to work with you to make adjustments to your existing documents or perhaps even start again entirely from scratch. However you’d like to approach the project, we align with your goals and then work with you to achieve them.

Using our in-depth employment law expertise and drafting efficiency, we’re able to deliver future-proof and legally-robust document quickly and effectively.

Ripping up the rule book - People Playbooks

Want to do something truly unique? Something culture-defining? Something that captures the essence of what your organisation is about?

Our People Playbooks tear up the rule book, say goodbye to the standard and create something truly inspiring for your organisation and people. There’s no one size fits all – these Playbooks are your own. They achieve everything that employment contracts and people policies should achieve and much more.

They’re limited only by your own vision, your team’s creativity, your organisation’s ambition – still sound a bit vague?! Well intentionally so.  Every project is different and we work with you designing every detail of your people documents from the bottom up, but we’ve shared a few examples below to give you a taste. Whilst we don’t like rules, there are few ‘Playbook principles’ that almost always apply…

  • We keep policies to a page wherever possible
  • We use your brand to create a unique theme to run throughout
  • We NEVER use jargon or acronyms
  • We explain why we include words that might restrict employees or sound like ‘rules’
  • We group likeminded policies into user-friendly booklets
  • We get just as excited and enthusiastic about the project as you do!

People Playbooks

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