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Employer toolkits


Individual redundancy toolkit

Straight-talking, user-friendly documents and templates to enable you to craft your own redundancy processes with confidence. Save time, reduce risk, and create a more personal process.

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Collective consultation toolkit

Collective consultation processes can feel like a daunting challenge. Our toolkit is set out in an easy-to-use project ensuring that you’re covered from start to finish – with all the documents to get you there.

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Neurodiversity toolkit

It’s likely that someone in your organisation has a neurodiverse condition. We’ll help you and your managers identify neurodivergence, have supportive conversations, and deliver the support your people need.

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GDPR toolkit

Feel like you need to get a handle on your data protection practices? Our toolkit is designed to help you to create proactive processes to maintain compliance. Checklists, logs, policies…you name it.

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Mental health toolkit

Providing the knowledge, tools and confidence to support your team’s mental well-being needs within the employment law context. Guidance notes, communication and support plans…it’s all there.

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