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Intelligent Employment

For a fixed annual cost, secure access to a library of HR and employment focused documents supported by a dedicated lawyer ready to provide 24 hour support in line with your business needs.

We have created ‘Intelligent Employment’ to help our clients budget for their legal fees during the course of the year.

Intelligent Employment‘ is a legal solution for all sizes of business but especially those without a bank of employment documents and sufficient in-house skills and legal expertise.

Features of Intelligent Employment

  1. An agreed upfront annual fee giving you cost certainty.
  2. A folder of documents that deal with the ‘start to the end’ of the employment relationship (For full document list, see towards the bottom of this page).
  3. A dedicated employment lawyer and ‘legal buddy’ to provide advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. Regular updates in respect of new employment law developments.
  5. Training packages to keep your team up to date and your business protected.
  6. An HR health check to review your current practices and personnel files followed by a report highlighting any risk areas.
  7. HR support where practical assistance is required.

Full document list:

The documents that you’ll be able to access using Intelligent Employment are listed below –

Start of employment

Application form
Accountabilities and role profile
Offer letter
 New employee checklist
 On-boarding plan
 Letter securing employee’s agreement to provide driving licence and motor insurance information
 Guidance on probationary periods
Letter calling employee to a probationary review meeting
Probationary review form
 Letter confirming the outcome of a probationary review meeting

Contracts and terms

 Short-form contract of employment
 Employment contract for a salaried employee
 Employment contract for a part-time employee
Fixed term employment contract for a salaried employee
Fixed term employment contract for a part-time employee
Apprentice employment contract
Flexible hours contract
Changing employment terms flowchart
Letter confirming changes to employment
Letter confirming pension contributions
Letter confirming pay rise

Employee guide and HR tools

 Employee guide
 HR monthly metrics
 Formal meeting notes template
Pay and perks annual summary


Clear desk policy
Consent to provide references
Email impact assessment
Our policy on retaining your personal data
Protecting personal data

Policies to protect business interests

Intellectual property
Confidential information
Promoting our interests
Social Media
 Emails, the internet and our equipment
Anti-bribery and corruption
 Accepting gifts and hospitality
 Out and about
 CCTV and similar devices
Working outside of employment

Promoting equality

 Dignity and respect at work
Equal opportunities policy
Retirement policy
 Gender pay gap reporting – project planner
 Gender pay gap reporting – flowchart

Family friendly policies

 Pregnancy and maternity leave
Paternity leave
 Adoption leave
 Shared parental leave (birth)
 Shared parental leave (adoption)
Parental leave
 Requests to work flexibly
Emergency time off


 Flowchart – redundancy process
 Redundancy process and agenda
Suggested selection criteria
Letter calling employee to first formal meeting
Letter calling employee to second formal meeting
Letter confirming decision to terminate the employee’s employment
Letter confirming discussions at the second formal meeting
Letter to employee confirming suitable alternative employment
 Letter confirming employee’s position is no longer at risk
 Letter calling appeal meeting.
Letter confirming outcome of appeal

Managing grievance issues

 Letter calling employee to a grievance meeting
 Agenda for grievance meeting
Letter confirming outcome of grievance meeting
Letter confirming grievance appeal arrangements
 Agenda for grievance appeal
Letter confirming outcome of grievance appeal

Flexible working and family related absence

Family related absence and pay summary table
 Letter calling employee to a meeting to discuss their flexible working request
Agenda to discuss flexible working request
Letter confirming outcome of meeting to discuss flexible working request
Letter confirming flexible working request appeal
Agenda for flexible working request appeal
Letter confirming outcome of flexible working request appeal
Letter confirming maternity leave request

Managing sickness absence

Flowchart – managing short-term sickness absence
 Flowchart – managing long-term sickness absence
Agenda for a welcome back discussion
 Welcome back note
 Letter calling employee to a meeting to discuss sickness absence
Agenda for sickness absence meeting
 Letter confirming outcome of sickness absence meeting
 Letter confirming appeal
 Agenda for appeal
 Letter confirming outcome of sickness absence appeal meeting
 Letter to employee asking for permission to contact their medical adviser
 Consent form for completion by employee
 Letter to employee’s medical adviser to understand more about condition

Managing company property policies

 Driving at work
Right to search

Miscellaneous policies

Alcohol, drugs and illegal substances
 Being happy and healthy
Challenges attending work
 Changes to policies and procedures
 Compassionate leave
 Health and safety
Personal relationships at work
Recovery of training costs
Time off for public duties
 What to wear
 Working alone
Work experience
Working time opt out letter

Employee management policies

Sickness absence
 Sick pay
Performance improvement
Layoff and short time working
Garden leave
Payment in lieu of notice

Managing disciplinary issues

 Flowchart – disciplinary process
 Investigation planner
 Investigation report
Letter suspending employee
Letter inviting employee to an investigatory meeting
Letter inviting employee to a disciplinary meeting
Agenda for a disciplinary meeting
Letter issuing a verbal warning
Letter issuing a written warning
Letter issuing a final written warning
Letter terminating the employee’s employment for misconduct or gross misconduct
Letter confirming disciplinary appeal arrangements
Agenda for an appeal meeting
Letter confirming outcome of appeal
Note on issues to consider when dismissing for misconduct

Driving performance

 Monthly catch up agenda
 Quarterly catch up agenda
Annual catch up agenda
 Flowchart – performance improvement process
 Agenda for ‘on-track’ discussion and follow up email
 Agenda for ‘immediate improvement’ meeting and follow up letter
 Letter calling employee to a meeting to discuss their performance
Agenda for a meeting to discuss performance
Letter confirming outcome of meeting to discuss performance
Letter confirming performance meeting appeal arrangements
Agenda for performance appeal meeting
Letter confirming outcome of performance appeal meeting

Shared parental leave

 Shared parental leave request flowchart
 Shared parental leave request checklist
 Shared parental leave employee checklist
 Shared parental leave FAQs (birth)
 Curtailment notice
 Shared parental leave request form (birth) (mother)
 Shared parental leave request form (birth) (father or partner)
 Shared parental leave request form (adoption)
 Period of leave notice
 Letter accepting shared parental leave request
 Letter calling meeting to discuss shared parental leave request
 Agenda for meeting to discuss shared parental leave request
 Letter confirming outcome of meeting to discuss shared parental leave request

End of employment

 End of employment checklist
 Agenda for exit interview
 Letter accepting employee’s resignation
COT3 wording for ACAS
Standard employment reference

TUPE guidance

 TUPE : Buyer’s basics
 TUPE : The buyer’s flowchart
 ‘Due diligence’ questions
  A ‘red flag report’ (reporting on risk)
  Letter confirming transfer of employment












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