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Keeping up to date

We take seriously our responsibility to keep you up to date so that you can use changes in employment law to commercial advantage. By understanding and interpreting the latest case law and legislation we can deliver updates to you that are concise and usable. With imagination, we are able to ensure that developing law can be used to allow you to achieve commercial solutions, cost effectively and expediently.

Avoiding holiday headaches

Posted on: August 3rd, 2022 by Halborns Limited

After August there may still be some employees who are sitting on holiday entitlement – here are a few suggestions to avoid holiday headaches as we progress through the year.

Regular reminders – if you often find you have a build-up in the final months of your holiday year, communicate early how you’d like employees to approach booking time off between now and then. Remember that time off is also a health and safety requirement under the Working Time Regulations so remind colleagues this is also an opportunity to rest and recharge!

Buy-back – provided it doesn’t take an employee below the statutory minimum of 5.6 weeks’ holiday, you can offer to buy back holidays if it’s proving difficult for employees to fit them in before the end of your holiday year.

Reluctant holiday-makers – perhaps the last resort, but don’t forget that you have the right to require employees to take holiday by giving them twice as much notice as the holiday you’re asking them to take (or whatever is in their contract).

If you need advice or support in managing potential holiday headaches, Intelligent Employment is here to help – find out how. 


This update is accurate on the date it was posted (03 August 2022), but may be subject to change which may or may not be notified to you. This update is not to be taken as advice and you should seek advice if anything contained within affects you or your business.