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50% of us will develop some form of cancer in our lifetime. So how do you offer support to those diagnosed, caring for others, or working with an individual with cancer?

Pledge – the Working with Cancer pledge supports employers to stand together and provide a supportive, recovery-forward culture at work for people with cancer. Sign up to show your support.

Policy – it might provide a helpful starting point for someone feeling daunted by the prospect of a conversation about their diagnosis. You could include wording explaining how you’ll:

  • support individuals with decisions around any communication with colleagues (whether the individual wants to share their diagnosis or keep it private);
  • help them deal with not being around so much during treatment;
  • approach any physical changes, career reassurance, and the supportive, collaborative approach you’d like to offer.

Proactivity – you’ll want to think carefully about how you share your thoughts on the supportive culture you’re looking to achieve. Consider:

  • what support you can offer managers and whether training is appropriate;
  • whether counselling can be offered;
  • whether you can commit to extra flexible working and days off as a minimum;
  • if your leaders can share their thoughts on the support they want to offer.
Cancer is not an easy topic to talk about and there’s a lot you’ll want to consider in how you approach any support you’d like to offer. We’re here to help if you’d like to discuss any questions or thoughts. 
This update is accurate on the date it was sent (15 March 2023), but may be subject to change which may or may not be notified to you. This update is not to be taken as advice and you should seek advice if anything contained within affects you or your business.