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The emotional impact of marital or relationship breakdown can be all-encompassing. 95% of employees who’ve experienced separation said it negatively impacted their mental well-being at work. What can you do to support employees through this major life event?

Manager support – whether reviews, monthly catch-ups or something else, regular one-to-one meetings should help managers identify those in need of support, giving them an opportunity to discuss their needs and any concerns.

Flexibility – ensuring employees have access to flexible working arrangements to help manage any changes in their family setup (such as childcare, school pick-ups, and house moves) can make all the difference.

Counselling resources – whether you offer them through an EAP helpline or signpost to other external resources, it’s a valuable opportunity for employees to talk through their personal journey and secure additional emotional support.

Policy only 9% of employees said their employer had a specific policy to support them through a separation. Creating a policy to encapsulate the support you’re able to offer shows empathy, provides reassurance and support engagement.

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