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Tools and templates

Coronavirus / furlough documents & templates

Whether you need letters to support the furlough process, policies setting out how you’re managing a safe return to work, or guidance notes providing comprehensive detail on everything you need to know – we’ve got you covered. Here’s our options.

Contract & handbook health-checks

The coronavirus outbreak has shone a spotlight on the need for flexibility in employment contracts. Click here to see how we can support you to achieve compliant, commercial and contemporary documents.

Redundancy support

Restructures, redundancies and re-shaping roles are inevitable as we adapt to work post-coronavirus. Redundancy processes are challenging in a ‘normal’ environment, without the added furlough complexity. If you’re considering individual, or collective consultations, click one of the options below to see how we can support you.

  1. Individual consultations 
  2. Collective consultations 

Tribunal support

We’re expecting to see an increase in claims once people return to work, especially in relation to unpaid or underpaid wages. These claims can be low value, but expensive to defend. Click here for options on how we can support you to defend a claim and keep costs down.

Settlement support

If you’re considering redundancies or restructures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, our settlement tools will help you reach agreement with departing employees and reduce the risk of Tribunal litigation. Here’s more information.