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With the decline in employment tribunal hearings there is more opportunity to redirect time and resources to ensuring that managers are operating effectively and HR teams are up to date with the latest legislation, using it confidently and commercially.

We have delivered enjoyable and effective sessions on the following and would be delighted to speak with you about your training needs:

  1.  Annual update on employment law:
    Summarises changes over the previous year, how to use the new developments practically and what to expect in the future.
  2. Mock employment tribunals:
    Based on facts pertinent to your business, we plan for an employment tribunal where your managers and employees play roles as the advocates, witnesses and tribunal panel. Mock tribunals are an excellent way of highlighting the importance of keeping records and understanding the basics of employment law, with learnings being secured from the personal experience of your managers and employees.
  3. Dealing with investigations:
    The training identifies whether a matter needs to be investigated in the first place, who the right person is to deal with the investigation and how to secure an investigation that delivers information that is genuinely useful.
  4. Redundancies:
    Training includes identifying a redundancy situation, implementing a fair process and effective ways to avoid a redundancy situation with particular focus on how to ensure that your workforce remains engaged and continues to deliver.
  5. Employee representatives:
    Training enables employee representatives to understand their role and duties towards different stakeholders and manage difficult situations.
  6.  Disciplinary and grievances:
    Training focuses on managing parties’ expectations, creating a platform to deal effectively with an issue and securing the appropriate outcome.
  7. Auto-enrolment:
    Training focuses on securing value from auto-enrolment pensions arrangements.
  8. Discrimination:
    Training focuses on understanding the subtleties of our discrimination legislation, changes for the future and how to protect your business.
  9. TUPE made simple:
    We help you to identify a TUPE transfer, the factors that you need to consider to ensure business continuity and how to avoid expensive protective awards.


Ginny’s inclusive style meant every member of the team had an opportunity to ask questions ranging from understanding the basics to more complex issues. Ginny’s flexible approach to the material they presented meant that the team’s ‘burning issues’ could be explored in greater depth ensuring maximum value was gained from
the time spent.

Jo Rose – Head of Employee Relations & Policy UK and Ireland, Experian PLC