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Supporting mental health #1 – keep your finger on the pulse

Posted on: August 5th, 2020 by Ginny Hallam

Despite lockdown measures easing across the country, just under 50% of the UK population still report feelings of stress and anxiety due to the impact of the pandemic. Even with businesses returning to their physical workplace, 44% of employees express concerns about returning. Uncertainty, new ways of working, and changing environments will undoubtedly put a strain on the well-being of your teams.

With a potential ‘hybrid’ mix of home-working, phased-returns back to the workplace and employees still furloughed, how do you keep a pulse of how it’s going and support employee well-being where it’s needed?

A finger on the pulse – engagement surveys; simple, but effective. They don’t have to be long or complicated but asking your team ‘how it’s going’ on a regular basis is a great way to identify if someone is struggling and gives you the opportunity to proactively support. We’ve included an engagement survey within our mental health toolkit for employers. Click here for more info.

Don’t rely on self-reporting – make sure well-being is a two-way conversation. Even if a survey is anonymised, employees still might not feel able to share how they’re doing. Empower your managers with the tools, skills and training to sensitively approach members of their team in real-time and discuss what support is required and how they can help.

Stay connected – working remotely can create barriers to effective communication. Encourage teams to stay off internal emails, avoid the phone and make the most of face to face meetings and video calls where possible.

One size won’t fit all – actively listening to concerns about a safe working environment, proactively engaging those working remotely and checking in with anyone still on furlough will help you to keep connected. Remind employees about any Employee Assistance Programme you have or signpost them to charities that can provide financial, well-being and other support.

If you have access to Intelligent Employment, don’t forget you can access our ‘Ideas for supporting human-being’ (under the ‘HR tools’ header) to help with maintaining engagement and well-being in your teams.

Mental health toolkit

Promoting employee well-being and mental health creates a more engaged workforce, reduces sickness absence and drives performance. We’ve created a user-friendly toolkit providing you and your managers the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to support your team’s mental health needs within the wider employment law context. If you’d like to find out more about what’s included, click here.