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Keeping up to date

We take seriously our responsibility to keep you up to date so that you can use changes in employment law to commercial advantage. By understanding and interpreting the latest case law and legislation we can deliver updates to you that are concise and usable. With imagination, we are able to ensure that developing law can be used to allow you to achieve commercial solutions, cost effectively and expediently.

Data protection – pt.2 maintaining compliance

Posted on: November 18th, 2021 by Ginny Hallam

Last week we provided our initial thoughts on maintaining compliance to reduce risk and potential liability – here’s some more for you to consider:

Regular risk assessments – based on the results of your audit and monitoring routines, you’ll need to identify any gaps in your practices, potential compliance risks, and take steps to address them.

Relevant registration – maintain necessary registrations with the appropriate regulators (Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK) and pay any required fees to avoid potential penalties.

Communication – data subjects need to be notified of any changes to your data protection policies and processing practices, along with reminders of their rights over your collection and use of their personal data.

Responding to requests – access, deletion, rectification – just a few of the requests you might receive from data subjects. Record all requests and respond quickly.

Dealing with disaster – hopefully you’ll never need one, but a disaster recovery plan will help minimise the impact should the worst happen, restore any data loss, and help you return to normal business functions.

Get in touch if you’d like to access our Data Protection Toolkit or need our advice or support to maintain your compliance routine.


This update is accurate on the date it was sent (18 November 2021), but may be subject to change which may or may not be notified to you. This update is not to be taken as advice and you should seek advice if anything contained within affects you or your business.